Threat Database Browser Hijackers is bogus search engine, and a browser hijacker that once inside a computer may alter your default search engine, new tab URL and your homepage to automatically, which will force you to use its ineffective search engine to perform your queries. Computer users may get when they click on corrupted pop-us containing advertisements or fake updates or when they download and install freeware or shareware from the Web, instead of its legitimate provider., by itself, will not cause problems. However, the tasks that it is configured to perform may cause unwanted issues. will display unwanted advertisements, may lead the computer user to dubious websites and collect the computer users' browsing history, which points to privacy endangerment.

Computer users that have on their machines should decide if they want to keep it and continue experiencing the minor problems it can create or remove it for good. If they do not want to keep, they should use a malware removal tool to get rid of it.


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