Description is a low-quality search engine that may silently become your default search engine if you end up mistakenly approving the installation of a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) or browser hijacker. The software responsible for promoting may set this website as your browser's default search aggregator or new tab page – a minor and harmless change that, however, may be quite annoying.

Having your searches redirected through can be very slow, and you may end up seeing intrusive advertisements while this happens. A quick test search through shows that the search query is redirected through, a shady website related to low-quality advertisements, and finally takes the user to – another low-quality search engine. It is crucial to note that the administrator of is likely to generate some revenue whenever their search engine is used, or when it spawns an ad – this would explain why they are relying on low-quality software to force more users to run their search queries through

If your Web browser has started to unexpectedly redirect you to,, or, then you should run a trustworthy PC security scanner to help you identify and remove the intrusive software that is responsible for the issues you are experiencing.