Search Sherpas

The Search Sherpas Web browser add-on is yet another dodgy extension that overexaggerates its usefulness to trick users into installing it. The Search Sherpas utility would claim to offer its users improved search features. Unfortunately, the Search Sherpas add-on will not enhance your browsing quality in any way. In reality, it is likely to impact it negatively.

The Search Sherpas extension is considered to be a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) by malware researchers. This is due to the fact that this Web browser add-on would go behind users’ backs to change their settings. The goal of the Search Sherpas utility is to set the website as the user’s default new tab page. This way, the user sees the affiliated website every time they open a new tab page. The site is not likely to offer you the organic search results of your queries as it is likely to prioritize sponsored content.

If you have installed the Search Sherpas Web browser add-on, it is advisable to remove it from your system. You can execute this manually, or use the services of a good anti-virus application that will rid you of the Search Sherpas add-on safely and swiftly.


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