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The site is home for a free program called 'Search Secure' that is listed as a product of the 'HyperConnect Media' company. The 'Search Secure' software is promoted to elevate your search safety, secure your downloads and shopping sessions. The 'Search Secure' tool is said to protect the users from "harmful websites, phishing links, and many other online threats," as seen on the landing page at Computer users can add the 'Search Secure' to Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome at the time of writing. The Chrome version of 'Search Secure' is loaded at while the Firefox version can be installed from directly.

The installation prompt for the 'Search Secure' software in Google Chrome looks like this:

'Add "Search Secure"?
It can:
Read and change your data on all sites, all sites, and all sites
Read your browsing history
Change your search settings to:'

The installation prompt for the 'Search Secure' software in Mozilla Firefox looks like this:

'Add Search Secure?
It requires your permission to:
Access your data for all websites.
Access browser tabs.'

You should note that both versions of the 'Search Secure' in-browser utility changes your default search settings to and redirects you to a custom version of The version adapted for Google Chrome forces the users to use as their primary search provider, but the Firefox version includes an opt-out feature. The 'Search Secure' program adds an icon to the navigation panel in your browser and clicking it opens a drop-down menu. The 'Search Secure' drop-down menu includes a search bar and links to resources under the 'Web Master Answers' category at regarding the dangers of using the Internet and general software safety policies.

Computer security researchers tested how potent the protection of 'Search Secure' is when navigating to known infection sources and the application failed to block access to insecure sites. Additional tests showed that 'Search Secure' is unable to prevent Web surfers from accessing harmful Web addresses and IP addresses. A simple search in Yahoo shows that 'Search Secure' adds the "Secure" icon almost indiscriminately. We found that 'Search Secure' from uses persistent tracking cookies and may request to show notifications with sponsored content on your screen.

The 'Secure Search' by may be promoted as a security improvement, but it behaves more like a promotion platform for third parties. PC users who value trusted security solutions that perform as promoted might wish to avoid installing the 'Search Secure' browser add-on from and remove related files as necessary.


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