Description is a fake search engine that has been promoted by either adware or browser-hijacker applications. The main goal is to drive artificial traffic towards the address and possibly generate monetary gains through sponsored advertisements. can affect all of the most popular browsers - Google Chrome, Safari, MS Edge and Mozilla Firefox.

If users start noticing an unusual amount of redirects to from their default browser, their computers might have been infiltrated. If the culprit is a browser hijacker, it will have set the homepage, new page tab, and the default search engine to open Consequently, even opening the affected browser will be generating traffic for the promoted address. Fake search engines cannot produce any search results by themselves, as they simply lack the functionality. Instead, they take any search query conducted by the user and redirect it through a legitimate search tool such as Bing, Yahoo or Google. Sponsored advertisements might be injected by the fake engine among the displayed search results.

Another source for the redirects to might be an adware application that is lurking on the computers. Most often than not, such applications get installed without the user even knowing it, thanks to deceitful marketing tactics such as 'bundling,' which sees the installation of the adware being buried beneath several layers of settings that are part of the installation process of another more popular freeware application.

It is strongly recommended to use a legitimate anti-malware application to scan your computer as soon as you notice any redirects to

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