Search Pulse

The Search Pulse software from h[tt]p://www.searchpulse[.]net and h[tt]ps://[.]com/webstore/detail/search-pulse/iifkpdclgffdnbijholnpbojbgpblhil is promoted to users as a new tab replacement that allows them to search with more than one search engine from your new tab. The Search Pulse application is published as freeware and can be installed to Chromium-based browsers. The Search Pulse app can be downloaded via the Chrome Web Store, and the installation pop-up shows the following message:

'Add "Search Pulse"?
It can:
• Read and change all your data on the websites you visit.
• Replace the page you see when opening a new tab.
• Read and change your browsing history.
• Manage your apps, extensions, and themes.
• Communicate with cooperating sites.
• Change your search settings to:'

The Search Pulse functions as advertised — your new tab is changed to h[tt]p://home.searchpulse[.]net and the Omnibox receives a new search service by You can search with Google, Bing, and Yahoo from the Search Pulse New Tab page. However, the Search Pulse New Tab at does not include a speed dial as the default tab in Chrome, and you can't make any customizations to it apart from changing the background image.

The Search Pulse is developed by a company called Sterkly LLC that specializes in Web traffic and browser add-on monetization. Search queries via and are recorded including your IP address, Internet history, software configuration and recently downloaded content. Sterkly LLC uses the data for marketing purposes, and you may notice ads that carry the slogan 'Powered by Sterkly' and 'Brought by Sterkly' on sites. The Search Pulse extension is an ad-supported product. Web surfers can find the Terms of Use and Privacy Agreement for the Search Pulse at h[tt]p://www.searchpulse[.]net/terms and h[tt]p://www.searchpulse[.]net/privacy. The Search Pulse is classified as a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) that may apply unwelcomed changes to your browser's new tab and search functionality. You can remove the Search Pulse app and related tracking beacons with the help of a respected anti-spyware scanner.


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