The SearchPDFConverterHD application is a dodgy utility that targets Windows users. After analyzing the SearchPDFConverterHD application, malware researchers have listed it as a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program). Instead of providing users with high-quality service, the SearchPDFConverterHD application's goal is to hijack their Web browsers.

Once you install the SearchPDFConverterHD application on your computer, this dubious utility will make changes to your Web browser's settings to set up an affiliated website as your default new tab page. The site associated with the activity of the SearchPDFConverterHD application is called This website hosts a basic search engine that is unlikely to offer you high-quality service. Some of the results delivered by this basic search aggregator may be unreliable. The SearchPDFConverterHD application serves as a tool that helps the site generate traffic and, therefore, revenue.

It is advisable to eliminate the SearchPDFConverterHD PUP from your system. You can do this with the assistance of a genuine, up-to-date anti-virus utility.


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