By SpideyMan in Browser Hijackers is a low quality search engine that has been linked to browser hijacker infections. When the affected Web browser is launched, the homepage is changed to, a low quality search engine that is designed to look similar to Google. is associated with an adware infection that usually takes the form of a Web browser extension or add-on. Many computer users have reported that they cannot remove components associated with and that problems related to have become disruptive, to the point of interfering directly with computer users' activities and normal use of the affected computer.

The Search Results Displayed by May not Be What You Need

There are several ways in which browser hijackers associated with may enter the computer. Among the ways these types of components enter a computer is by bundling them with low-quality free software downloaded from questionable sources. Once browser hijackers associated with are installed, they may make changes to the affected Web browser's settings to ensure that becomes the Web browser's homepage and default search engine. These supposed search results are little more than advertisements and marketing links and, in fact, always displays the same seven pages of bogus search results.

Dealing with Browser Hijackers Associated with

Browser hijackers linked to are considered PUPs, or Potentially Unwanted Programs. PUPs may usually be uninstalled using Windows. However, components associated with these PUPs may remain on the affected computer. Because of this, security researchers advise the use of a reliable anti-malware program to scan the affected computer after the PUP has been removed. It may be necessary to remove manually from your Web browser's default homepage and search engine settings.


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