Threat Database Browser Hijackers

By ZulaZuza in Browser Hijackers

Several PC users have informed that their Web browser is forcing them to visit certain unsafe websites repeatedly and is displaying various pop-up windows containing advertisements from If this is the case, this typically indicates the presence of a Potentially Unwanted Program on the affected PC. In the event of your Web browser forcing you to make a visit to repeatedly or displaying pop-up content associated with, it is necessary to remove the PUP present on your computer with the help of a strong, honest anti-malware application. Security researchers consider that advertisements and websites associated with may present a risk to computers and that all PUPs associated with may present a potential threat.

Common Reasons Why PC Security Researchers Warn Against

There are several reasons why is considered potentially threatening by security researchers. may present the following risks to your computer:

  • PUPs associated with may display numerous pop-up advertisements on affected computers, including itself. These advertisements may contain harmful content, potentially infecting your Web browser with other PUPs or even more unsafe content. These types of advertisements may also promote unsafe content.
  • may be linked to harmful components that may keep track of your online activities and browsing habits. This data may then be utilized for marketing research purposes and to deliver advertisements to your Web browser. However, if information gathered by falls in the hands of ill-minded people.
  • Content associated with may put the affected computer at risk, conflicting with other programs and running in the background. Security analysts have received reports that PUPs associated with may cause affected computers to slow down drastically, freeze frequently or crash repeatedly, as well as presenting issues connecting to the Internet.


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