By Domesticus in Browser Hijackers Image is a fake search engine that plagiarizes the appearance and quality of the popular Google online search engine. It is important to understand that is not a reliable search engine, specializing mostly in displaying a stream of spam and search results that are often irrelevant at best. This is because belongs to a well-known online scam that seeks to profit from infecting computers with a browser hijacker infection. If you find that your web browser is visiting against your authorization, ESG security researchers strongly advise that you use a reliable anti-virus application to scan your computer for a browser-hijacking Trojan. is the most common redirect associated with its Trojan, although this browser hijacker will also redirect its victim to various other websites. Redirects to the web page can usually be solved by searching for the elemental cause, in the form of the Trojan infection mentioned above.

Understanding How Criminals Profit from the Scam

Like most websites online, relies on advertising in order to turn a profit. While most websites provide some kind of service or interesting content in order to attract web traffic (which directly translates into advertisement impressions and clicks), the criminals behind and similar fake search engines rely instead on browser hijacker infections. A browser hijacker is a kind of malware infection that can take over the infected computer system's web browser and then force it to perform certain tasks, such as visiting a web page repeatedly, displaying pop-up windows or changing its settings without the computer user's authorization. Inexperienced computer users will often not be aware that redirects to websites such as are abnormal. Because of this, criminals create fake search engines instead of redirecting their victims directly to the websites being promoted. After the victim carries out a search on a reliable search engine, the browser hijacker forces the victim's web browser to visit, where the victim, mistaking for Google or a similar website, will simply try their search again. However, any searches carried out on will usually yield results that are nothing but spam and irrelevant at best. Through the use of browser hijackers, criminals can boost their website's traffic artificially (and illegally as well) forcing the advertisements on their visitors.


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