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By Sumo3000 in Adware

Search Assist is a Potentially Unwanted Program that may cause numerous problems on affected computers. Search Assist is a Web browser toolbar that may be causing a huge variety of issues. Because of this, Search Assist should be avoided and, if already present, should be removed immediately by an anti-malware application that is well recommended. Search Assist may be installed on most Web browsers on the Windows operating system, including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Generally, Search Assist takes the form of a Web browser toolbar that may change the Web browser's homepage, default search engine and other default websites.

The Assistance that Should Be Denied

Security researchers have received reports of numerous problems associated with Search Assist. The list that follows include examples of the most common issues that computer users have reported in association with Search Assist:

  • Search Assist may cause Web browser redirects, leading PC users to websites associated with Search Assist repeatedly. This is done in order to promote these websites and increase their page ranking. Search Assist redirects also allow marketers to profit from advertising by forcing computer users to view advertisements on these low quality websites repeatedly.
  • Search Assist makes changes to affected Web browsers, ensuring that computer users are exposed to content associated with Search Assist as soon as the affected Web browser starts up. Search Assist's changes to your computer's settings may be disruptive and cause various performance issues.
  • Search Assist is closely associated with various pop-up advertisements, bogus error messages and similar unwanted symptoms. Search Assist advertisements may interrupt your activity, preventing you from using the affected computer effectively due to constant interruptions.
  • Search Assist may compromise your privacy. What causes it is the fact that Search Assist saves data about your computer and your browsing habits and then sends it to a third party. Data gathered using Search Assist may be used for marketing research purposes.

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