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ScytaleSECC Ransomware

The scytaleSECCRransomware is harmful software that encrypts files and changes their names by adding the '.scytaleSECC' extension to them. For example, a file named '1.doc' would be transformed into '1.doc.scytaleSECC,' while '2.png' would become '2.png.scytaleSECC.' The ransom message is delivered through a text file titled '_RECOVER__FILES.scytaleSECC.txt' as well as a pop-up window that will appear on the infected computer's screen.

The Demands the ScytaleSECC Ransomware Leaves for Its Victims

The scytaleSECC Ransomware encrypts the data on a victim's computer and demands payment in Bitcoin to unlock the files. According to the threat's ransom note, victims are given 48 hours to pay the ransom, which typically ranges from 0.50 to 1 BTC, and are provided with a qTox ID to communicate with the attackers. Failure to pay within the allotted time frame will result in permanent loss of access to the encrypted data. At the current price of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency, the ransom demanded by the cybercriminals behind scytaleSECC Ransomware is worth between $11, 000 and $12, 000, which is a massive amount that few individual users could afford to pay.

How to Prevent Threats Like the ScytaleSECC Ransomware from Infecting Your Devices?

To ensure the safety of your data and devices, it is crucial to install a professional anti-malware security solution. The security tool will likely prevent ransomware from infiltrating your device or executing in cases where the threat has managed to land on the system. Indeed, most reputable anti-malware products offer real-time safeguard features that can detect corrupted files before they are executed, making them invaluable for protecting against ransomware attacks.

In addition, keep your software up-to-date. Manufacturers release regular updates which contain security patches designed to address any loopholes or exploits in the existing version of the software. It is a good practice to download and install such updates or patches as soon as they become available.

ScytaleSECC Ransomware's pop-up window displays the following text:

'Your files (count: ) have been encrypted!

Use your qtox id to unlock
Please send 1 Bitcoin(s) to the following BTC address:
Next, please qtox your process id as the message'

The ransom note dropped as a text file is:

'All your files are encrypted. You can get your key for 0.50 BTC. you have exactly 48 hours to leak your files!

Use your qtox id to unlock hxxps:// 1 bitcoin(s) to BTC address: 15VkfWnihwSKgKB1cHW2pXUxvk5r5HN8Yc
Next, please qtox your process id as the message path: -

Thank you and have a nice day!'


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