'Scaninfor.info' Pop-Ups

'Scaninfor.info' Pop-Ups Description

Security researchers report that the Scaninfor.info domain is untrusted and is being used by adware developers to promote bogus technical support services on 1-855-720-2636 via pop-up windows. The adware related to Scaninfor.info may have entered your computer as a drive-by installation of a freeware bundle that you handled with the 'Express' or 'Typical' option. The pop-up windows by Scaninfor.info in your Internet browser may claim that you are infected due to several corrupted files in your Windows directory. Also, you may be led to believe that you are not authorized to use your PC until you contact 1-855-720-2636 to receive immediate help. In other cases involving the Scaninfor.info domain, adware is using pop-ups to suggest users that their Windows license is not genuine and need to call 1-855-720-2636 to talk with Microsoft support staff. However, in both cases the Scaninfor.info adware points infected users to dial 1-855-720-2636 to resolve their problems. Computer users that are presented with pop-ups by Scaninfor.info should remain calm and avoid calling 1-855-720-2636. As stated above, the Scaninfor.info domain is untrusted, and the information posted on Scaninfor.info could lead PC users to install programs like Windows Prime Shield and purchase unneeded technical support license. Security researchers note that the worst-case scenario involves users allowing fake technicians remote access to their PC and facing ransomware like FBI Moneypak and Cryptobot. Caution is advised, and you may want to install a reputable anti-malware suite to clean your system from threats linked to Scaninfor.info.