By GoldSparrow in Adware

SaveTogo is adware that may compromise online searches of the computer user by replacing search results in any legitimate search engine with sponsored links and continuously diverting the PC user to suspicious websites carrying the promotional based content. SaveTogo may insert a potentially unwanted add-on, plug-in or browser extension in Web browsers such Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome when PC users install various free programs from the Internet. When the PC user installs any free programs and do not pay attention to additional software that may be embedded into the installation process, they may also install unwanted extensions, add-ons or plug-ins like SaveTogo on their computer systems. PC users should always be careful when installing free applications because often, a program installer may involve an additional installation of another program that may not want to install in the first place. SaveTogo may show annoying pop-up ads and unwillingly redirect PC users to untrustworthy websites that were designed to probably generate advertising revenue from increased web traffic and ad clicks.


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