By ESGI Advisor in Adware

SaveOnMe is adware which, when installed on a computer system, may embed a browser extension, plug-in or add-on in major Web browsers such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox. SaveOnMe may cover the screen of the PC with disturbing pop-up ads and messages. The SaveOnMe pop-up advertisements, deals, offers, and discount coupons may emerge on the computer if the PC user is informed by SaveOnMe to be surfing online shopping websites. Therefore, some PC users may think that advertisements and deals of SaveOnMe are components of the website. If the PC user clicks on any of the pop-up advertisements and messages sent by SaveOnMe, he may get repeatedly diverted to suspicious websites that may download a variety of malware infections into the PC. The main goal of SaveOnMe may be to earn money from raised traffic of the website and clicks on advertisements.


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