The website is a dodgy page that runs a scam known as ‘Please Click Allow to Continue.’ This is a very commonly utilized online con whose goal is to hijack the user’s Web browser notifications.

Once you launch the website, you will see nothing but a black background with text that warns you that you need to prove that you are not a robot. The dodgy site claims that to prove your legitimacy, you need to click on the ‘Allow’ button. Needless to say, this is a fake CAPTCHA test, and completing it will permit the site to spam you with ads via your Web browser’s notifications. The website will spam you with advertisements even when your Web browser is closed, which can prove to be very irritating. Some of the advertisements displayed by the page may promote untrustworthy services and dodgy products.

Malware experts advise users to revoke all the permissions that they have granted the website. This can be done easily via the configurations of your Web browser.


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