The site invites users to send a digital postcard with a short message to celebrate the arriving of 2019. The festive card proposed by appears to feature repetitive patterns, rather lackluster animations that may have been taken from a set of emoticons and an unimaginative message. The overall feel of reminds of the festive cards people used to exchange in the early 200s. However, offers an easy sharing feature that involves a command being sent to the WhatsApp messaging client. PC users who might have stumbled upon and decided to send a card to their family and friends were directed to click on the 'GO' button, which triggers the following command:

'whatsapp://send?text=👌 Happy New Year wishes by **! %0A*->* Read Here.👇'

The script listed above instructs the Web browser to load a third-party application and send a custom URL (Web link) to recipients of your choosing. People you mark in WhatsApp are then redirected back to and invited to send a card themselves. The site has an unorthodox name; the site is reported to produce several pop-up windows and cause browser redirects when users type their names on the 'Enter Your Name Here' field. PC security researchers add that lacks Terms of Service Agreement, Privacy Policy and there is no company/developer information provided. Considering requires access to your WhatsApp account you might wish to avoid the site. The site is not deemed to be GDPR-compliant, and you may experience redirects to potentially harmful third-party sites. If your Web browser loads without you entering its address, it is possible you were infected with a browser hijacker. In that case, consider running a security scan and removing related software.


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