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The website is used to steal money from inexperienced computer users by making them believe that they have become targets in a police investigation. Websites like take computers hostage and then demand that computer users pay a ransom to regain access to the affected computer. Computer users may find that will block their Web browser after clicking on a threatening link or if their computer is infected with a Potentially Unwanted Program. may block access to Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and other widely used Web browsers. impersonates the law enforcement by claiming that the victim's computer was arrested by the police due to its participation in illicit activities. accuses computer users of distributing threats, viewing illegal pornographic content or downloading illegally copied media or software. Then, claims that it is necessary to pay a 'police fine' in order to avoid jail or enormous police fines. This fine is, on average, of about $300 USD. The interface is nearly identical to various Police Ransomware Trojans that have been active in the past year, blocking all access to the affected computers and security researchers suspect that and its many variants may represent the next step in these types of scams. prevents computer users from closing their Web browser or leaving the through the use of repeated pop-up windows containing threatening language. is a low quality website that simply contains scripts that detect the computer users' locations in order to display customized ransom messages and scripts that prevent computer users from closing their Web browser or leaving

The Tactic May Be More Effective Than Previous Variants

Ironically, although websites like are not as destructive as Police Ransomware Trojans, they may be more effective. Most Police Ransomware Trojans block all access to Windows, making it more likely that computer users will disbelieve their message and run a reliable security program.'s approach seems less farfetched and makes it more likely that affected computer users will pay the ransom.


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