Threat Database Adware 'Safe PC Support Page' Pop-Ups

'Safe PC Support Page' Pop-Ups

By GoldSparrow in Adware

If your Web browser is redirected to websites that display an alert saying 'Safe PC Support Page,' then it is possible that your machine may have an adware installed.The 'Safe PC Support Page' is a redirect advertisement caused by an adware that found its way on the affected computers. Adware programs are often bundled together with other free software that may be downloaded off the Internet from unsecured sources. Unfortunately, some of these downloads don't always show up during the installation so that users may find themselves stuck with adware without them ever installing it. Once the adware is installed, anytime a user browses the Web, unwanted advertisements with the message 'Safe PC Support Page' will appear. The ads are made to promote the installation of software from questionable sources, such as optimization utilities, browser toolbars and more. That allows the adware publishers to make money through a pay-per-click revenue scheme. The message shown by the 'Safe PC Support Page' pop-up ad states:

Causes of PC Problems
Errors in the Windows Registry are a leading cause of PC problems and slow performance. Therefore it is highly recommended that you scan your PC with this PC Update Tool. It will fix problematic registry entries that can cause these errors and prevent new ones from occurring.
Common Symptoms
Not only are these errors annoying, if not fixed, you may experience program lock-ups, slow PC performance, system freezes, startup and shut down problems, installation errors, and hardware failure.
Solution: Run the PC Update Tool for
To ensure your computer will run error free, download and run the PC Update Tool.. Simply click the button below to download your copy now.'

Whenever a computer is infected with the 'Safe PC Support Page' pop-ups adware, some of the common symptoms may include the following:

  • Banner advertisement may be injected in the visited Web pages.
  • Random Web page text gets turned into hyperlinked text.
  • Browser pop-ups show up, recommending fake updates and other fake software.
  • Other unwanted adware may be installed alongside this one without the user knowing.


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