Rviceschoolr.club popups are a browser-based attempt to trick users into subscribing to push notifications paired with the website of the same name. The notifications may lead to advertisements sent to your computer or phone. The Rviceschoolr.club website is a malicious website that displays fake error messages that may look like the following examples:

Rviceschoolr.club wants to Show notifications.
Click Allow to confirm that you are not a robot!

Users are advised to avoid clicking on the allow button, as they may start seeing popups from the Rviceschoolr.club website on their computer or phone, even with the web browser closed. The spam notifications are for adult websites, fake software updates, online games and potentially unwanted programs. There are other possible sources from where these advertisements may appear, such as software bundles.

Software bundles often combine legitimate software with other apps that become a part of the same installer. The installer then either offers the option to turn these off during installation, or they are woven into it in such a way as to make them hard to notice. Users are advised to read up the terms of service during installation and ensure there are no additional software pieces as part of the package.


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