Threat Database Browser Hijackers

The site is a fake page that you may come across if you are in the habit of browsing shady websites. If you do not tend to browse untrustworthy sites, yet you still stumbled upon the page, then you may have adware present on your system. If you suspect that you may have adware installed on your computer, it is best to scan your system with the help of a genuine anti-virus application. The security tool will be able to locate the adware program and remove it safely.

The website is likely to try and convince its visitors that they have won a valuable prize. Users who wish to claim the reward will likely be asked to provide personal details such as home address, full name, mobile phone number or even banking details. Do not give out information to dodgy websites like the page. If a site is claiming to offer valuable items, like laptops and flat-screen TVs, for free to its users, it is most certainly a tactic, and you should ignore it.

Do not trust the site as it is nothing more than an online tactic.


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