Nowadays, there are websites of all kinds, some hosting useful and interesting content, others created to generate money for its handlers, no matter the lures they need to use. is a website that belongs to the second category. Its principal function is to pester its targets with countless advertisements, which may be displayed on your browser when visiting dubious websites or a Possibly Unwanted Program (PUP) or adware brought this browser hijacker to your computer.

Sometimes, when you are researching a service or product, the advertisements that appear automatically can help you out. However, when you are not looking for it, and these advertisements keep being on your way, it becomes a nuisance. Also, there are corrupted advertisements that can lead to fake or compromised websites that will end up causing harm to your privacy or your machine.

Suppose is tormenting you with its unwanted advertisements. In that case, it is better to execute an anti-malware product to eliminate this useless website and the PUP or adware that caused its appearance.


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