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RogueRobin Trojan

By GoldSparrow in Trojans

The RogueRobin Trojan is a threat that was developed by DarkHydrus. This is a criminal group that has gained notoriety for collecting numerous victims' data and compromising networks and computers of government agencies in the Middle East and Europe. The RogueRobin Trojan is a backdoor Trojan that allows criminals to gain access to the affected computers. The RogueRobin Trojan abuses the Google Drive API to carry out its attack and evade detection. Recent RogueRobin Trojan attacks seem to be distributed through corrupted scrips embedded in spreadsheets delivered by email phishing attacks.

How the RogueRobin Trojan Attacks Your Files

When the victim opens a compromised spreadsheet file, a script runs that drops a compromised text and an executable file onto the victim's computer. The RogueRobin Trojan scans the victim's computer for virtualization services or any other clues that the RogueRobin Trojan may be running on a virtual environment as those used by PC security researchers. The RogueRobin Trojan will be installed, and a backdoor will be created in the infected PC once it is clear that the targeted computer is not a virtual device. The RogueRobin Trojan can hide the way it transmits data by taking advantage of the Google Drive API, making changes to a file on a Google Drive account. Each change made to this file on the cloud is interpreted as a command. The RogueRobin Trojan can be used to collect data from the targeted computer.

What the RogueRobin Trojan will do to Accomplish Its Intent

The RogueRobin Trojan was created using C# and has no dependencies. Once RogueRobin Trojan is installed, it can be very difficult to detect, especially because of the way the RogueRobin Trojan exploits the Google Drive to carry out its communications. When backdoor Trojans communicate with their controllers or Command and Control servers, they can often be flagged by security software, and this is a way for this threat to bypass this detection method. The best way to ensure that the RogueRobin Trojan is not installed on your computer is to run regular scans of your computer with a security program and ensure that your firewall is capable of detecting these unauthorized communications. One upside of this attack for most computer users is that the criminals responsible for the RogueRobin Trojan attack target high-profile targets typically, such as government agencies or businesses so that individual computer users may not have much to fear from the RogueRobin Trojan itself.

Protecting Your Computer from Threats Like the RogueRobin Trojan

Backdoor Trojans like the RogueRobin Trojan, much like their name indicates, are designed to create a backdoor into the infected computer. This is an unauthorized opening into the infected computer, which allows the criminals to obtain access to the victim's device without their knowledge. Using this unauthorized access, the criminals can carry out a wide variety of attacks, including the theft of valuable data or the installation of other malware. Threats like the RogueRobin Trojan are useful in corporate and government espionage especially and are often used to target computers that may house valuable data, such as those belonging to government agencies. Since the RogueRobin Trojan is distributed through corrupted scripts embedded in innocuous spreadsheet files mostly, being careful with any email file attachments is the key to prevent these attacks. Apart from being careful when opening any new files, it also is crucial always to have a security program performing scans in real times, which can be used to intercept unsafe scripts such as those used to install the RogueRobin Trojan and numerous other threats.


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