By Domesticus in Adware

Threat Scorecard

Ranking: 8,348
Threat Level: 20 % (Normal)
Infected Computers: 4,414
First Seen: January 10, 2014
Last Seen: September 20, 2023
OS(es) Affected: Windows

RoboSavEr is an adware infection that security researchers generally classify as a Potentially Unwanted Program. The main purpose of RoboSavEr is to generate profits at the expense of computer users, usually by displaying a large number of advertisements on affected computers or by redirecting computer users to websites affiliated in some way with RoboSavEr or its sponsors. Although RoboSavEr is marketed as a useful way for finding special deals and discounts online, RoboSavEr's true purpose is to profit at your expense, causing numerous problems on the affected computer in the process.

How RoboSavEr Works

RoboSavEr usually takes the form of a Web browser add-on, which adds a toolbar to your Web browser. RoboSavEr may be installed on most Web browsers on the Windows operating system, including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Once RoboSavEr is installed, RoboSavEr makes changes to your Web browser's or computer's settings. For example, RoboSavEr will almost immediately change your Web browser's default search engine and homepage. RoboSavEr will also be installed using techniques that make it hard for computer users to remove RoboSavEr completely or uninstall RoboSavEr when the inevitable problems occur.

Dealing with and Preventing RoboSavEr and Similar PUP Infections

If RoboSavEr is installed on your computer, security researchers strongly advise computer users to remove this PUP at once. Usually, this involves manually removing RoboSavEr and all files associated with RoboSavEr. However, since some files linked to RoboSavEr may remain on the affected computer, security analysts endorse running a scan of the affected computer with a reliable anti-malware application that is fully up-to-date. To prevent future infections, computer users should be especially careful when installing new software and should always protect their computer with a reliable, fully updated anti-malware scanner. RoboSavEr and similar PUPs are usually distributed by bundling them with freeware software distributed on certain, low quality platforms. Although computer users may choose to opt out of installing RoboSavEr, many computer users overlook this option in a rush to install new software on their computer.

SpyHunter Detects & Remove RoboSavEr

File System Details

RoboSavEr may create the following file(s):
# File Name MD5 Detections
1. WE4J.dll 6f3acd43f8a0c5ce6269f6bb2802bf83 3
2. Vdu4eX.dll 5dc062230195c83fb700ed529612e799 2
3. lnKc.dll e86314ac27aa043f44f699173b3f6616 2
4. CyN_8Ted8n.x64.dll 28b9a327afd8db98fe74818f20bc81c0 2
5. uFQ5jnf.x64.dll 683e01f5db341f5cfc6cf3c6cc92bc09 1
6. 2g5N1Sn.dll 2538cae5a2f30651a74003f88a7963f4 1
7. 1QQKMxy.x64.dll 825ec07a78de2612befdb16ab86df038 1
8. Wzyi.dll 313cb81693abfa7d7875ea458009219e 1
9. 2gYl3OzKjX.x64.dll 009d5349375281a5eccf8a62323ac494 1
10. vF95.x64.dll 756751ffc04109f6b920d2af7a34a0b4 1
11. C2v.x64.dll c799d53ddb34da7d264218e9ea67d6b9 1
12. Wm.x64.dll 524b76e516c709dbb2c7a46e8bc06830 1
13. dW.dll 8c8e746267ea050f36e1513bdc3cfb46 1
14. E.dll c95fc8c354bd010ae0ccac7f8967ad51 1
15. czQtGW.x64.dll c8c3be06b04b387bc1594e8ccbd78735 1
16. hUUHB.dll ee42d5408273a637e8b2068d1e399a68 1
17. faxaHB_1me.dll b26d3d36ec6e9878f9314c64abf78039 1
18. VrCw.dll c0f9d1e38102f6b602ad2a2ce4dc9bc8 1
19. b4uV9RUZD.dll 48dfd61ef354c84397b137afacb3721d 1
20. 2SgzttmZwI.x64.dll f7f127938d04aed10196fd0c38159bab 1
21. uIdZwOpVT.x64.dll c16234fa9171dd27a707b6da1f32751b 1
22. Wsn0vgHlg.x64.dll 1a840acde501b2cbeaad241454f9fd63 1
23. mOr4fo.dll e8cfec18b48fec80d140a13fe0d90383 1
24. 6EG.x64.dll 02c73e8de39835efc44a29e99dc8a3a6 1
25. aVOlM.dll 8c018b0fdf41c5e72a47d44c67995d92 1
26. C:\ProgramData\robosaver\f_ZsRWwX.x64.dll
27. C:\ProgramData\robosaver\f_ZsRWwX.dll
28. C:\ProgramData\robosaver\f_ZsRWwX.exe
More files


RoboSavEr may create the following directory or directories:

%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Application Data\RRoBoSaver
%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Application Data\RoboSAveri
%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Application Data\RoboSaveR


RoboSavEr may call the following URLs:



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