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Rikspolisstyrelsen Ransomware

By JubileeX in Ransomware

The Rikspolisstyrelsen Ransomware is a malware infection that cybercrooks use to extort money from novice computer users located in Sweden. The Rikspolisstyrelsen Ransomware uses a false message from the Swedish police to make victims believe that they are being prosecuted for violations such as distributing malware unknowingly, viewing forbidden pornography or downloading copyrighted material without authorization. These are all crimes that can be punished with jail time and substantial fines, a fact that the Rikspolisstyrelsen Ransomware message hammers in a harshly worded ransom message. However, the Rikspolisstyrelsen Ransomware message claims that it is possible to avoid these punishments by paying a fine through Ukash, a well known money transfer service.

The Rikspolisstyrelsen Ransomware is Often Known as the 'Ukash Virus'

Due to the fact that these scams often demand payment through Ukash, they are often referred to as the 'Ukash Virus.' It is, however, important to note that Ukash is not directly associated with the Rikspolisstyrelsen Ransomware or with similar scams. In fact, Ukash will reimburse your money if you report the fraud within an allotted time frame. Because of this, the Rikspolisstyrelsen Ransomware message claims that paying the fine will unblock your computer within a number of days rather than immediately. If you pay the Rikspolisstyrelsen Ransomware fine, it will do nothing to remove this threat from your computer.

The Rikspolisstyrelsen Ransomware relies on ignorance on the part of the computer user on how law enforcement works. It is important to remember that no police agency block your computer out of the blue and demand a fine to be paid in order to regain control of your computer. This is typical of ransomware that carry out a well known scam. Most of these infections follow a similar pattern. They will first use a Winlocker component to prevent you from accessing your Desktop or software. Then they display a message indicating that a ransom payment is necessary to unlock the victim's computer. While the Rikspolisstyrelsen Ransomware shows a fake message supposedly from the Swedish police, other ransomware display messages claiming to be from Microsoft (accusing the victim of using a pirated version of Windows) or from a fake anti-virus program, claiming that the victim's computer was locked for the victim's 'own protection.'


The following messages associated with Rikspolisstyrelsen Ransomware were found:

OBS! VARNING! Datorn har blockerats. Din dator är blockerad på grund av minst ett av de skäl som anges nedan.
Du bryter mot lagen om (Video, Music, Programvara)
Du granskar eller distribuerar förbjudna pornografiska material (Barn Pornografi, Zoofili etc.)
Böternas belopp är SEK 1000 eller €100.
Du kan betala böter via Ukash eller PaySafeCard.


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