Threat Database Browser Hijackers

The site is not a typical site like and, but a redirect-gateway. The gateway is used by advertisers to deliver targeted content. Network analysis shows that receives most of its traffic from adware and ad-supported free programs. is utilized by an ad network to recognize machines over the Internet based on tracking cookies and load promotional materials. Also, Web surfers may experience redirects via to online stores, video streaming services and offer to install browser extensions. Content on the site is served from the IP address (at the time of writing), and the same address is used by several other similar sites like and and

Web users infected with a browser hijacker have reported unwanted redirects to that load a fake video player pop-up and browser notifications inviting them to receive updates from third-party sites. You should note that the notifications from may include links to phishing pages and you may be suggested to log into your PayPal, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts before you receive access to "premium content." It is advised to avoid interaction with the pages presented at, as well as links to questionable log-in pages. PC users that experience disturbing browser behavior might want to run a security scan and remove potentially threatening software.


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