Threat Database Ransomware Reloadit Pack Virus

Reloadit Pack Virus

By Domesticus in Ransomware

Threat Scorecard

Ranking: 7,850
Threat Level: 20 % (Normal)
Infected Computers: 208
First Seen: March 9, 2013
Last Seen: November 7, 2022
OS(es) Affected: Windows

'Reloadit Pack Virus' is a term that has started to be utilized as a way of mentioning the many Police Ransomware Trojans that are part of the infamous Urausy family of malware. The adoption of the name Reloadit Pack Virus by computer users comes from the fact that these Police Ransomware infections often use the Reloadit Pack to extort payment from their victims. This is a money transfer service that is commonly used by Police Ransomware Trojans attacking computers in North America. A similar phenomenon occurred in relation to ransomware Trojans in Europe. While there are dozens of different families of Police Ransomware active in Europe, the fact that almost all of them demand payment through the Ukash money transfer service has led to these threats becoming known as the 'Ukash Virus' among PC users. It is crucial to understand that neither MoneyPak, Reloadit Pack, Ukash, PaySafeCard nor any of the other money transfer service used by criminals in these scams are actually part of the illegitimate operation. These are simply legitimate online payment services that criminals use to extract payment from their victims.

The Reloadit Pack Virus scam is easy to understand. Basically, Police Ransomware Trojans in the Urausy family block access to the victim's computer. When the PC user logs into Windows, the Reloadit Pack Virus displays a full screen message supposedly sent by a law enforcement agency. This message takes up the whole screen and prevents the victim from accessing files or Desktop on the infected computer. Unfortunately, the many variants of the Reloadit Pack Virus block access to the Windows Task Manager, Start Menu and other Windows components that would normally allow a computer user to bypass an obtrusive window that refuses to go away. After scaring the victim with a threatening message, the Reloadit Pack Virus demands payment of a fee (typically the equivalent of one hundred dollars in the victim's local currency) through one of the money transfer services mentioned above.

Paying the Reloadit Pack Virus fee will not unblock your computer. Because of this, ESG security researchers strongly advise against doing it. Instead, you should use a reliable anti-malware program to scan your machine and remove the Trojan responsible for locking your computer. You can bypass the Reloadit Pack Virus message by using alternate start-up methods such as Safe Mode or an external drive.


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