RegClean Pro

Computer users that follow news on system optimization may come into contact with the RegClean Pro software by Systweak Inc. The RegClean Pro program is promoted as a reliable Registry- optimization tool that is developed by a Gold Application certified developer. The RegClean Pro program has a trial version of 15 days that users can take advantage of. However, the trial version of the RegClean Pro program allows manual scans and a preview of the results only. You may install the trial version of RegClean Pro together with freeware like AppEnable and NetLiker because Systweak Inc. is part of an extensive affiliate network. You may be interested to know that the RegClean Pro application is deemed as a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) because it may show many pop-up windows and may not improve your OS as you are promised.

The RegClean Pro program may add a task to your Windows Task Scheduler automatically, and show disturbing system alerts on your screen, which will urge you to purchase a premium license. Many users may not like the behavior of the RegClean Pro program and notice that their PCs are not running faster after installing the RegClean Pro software. Computer experts note that the functionality provided by RegClean Pro may not suit the needs of most users. The Registry backups made by RegClean Pro may not be organized by version and have a time stamp which could make reverting to previous Registry state rather troublesome. The RegClean Pro program may install a network driver on your PC and users may have problems with their Internet network. As mentioned above, the RegClean Pro application is part of an affiliate network, and users may be redirected to sponsored pages and unwanted programs on a daily basis. You can remove the RegClean Pro software with a credible anti-spyware tool and seek an alternative that suits your needs better.


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