The RecipeFox Web browser extension is a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) that may trick you into installing it by promising useful content and helpful features. The RecipeFox add-on claims to offer users countless recipes and cooking tips that will come in handy. However, utilities like the RecipeFox add-on offer any unique content rarely – instead, they often redirect users to already freely available content online.

The RecipeFox Web browser extension is listed as a PUP because it applies changes to the user’s settings automatically. The RecipeFox add-on’s goal is to help an affiliated website generate traffic. The website in question is the page, and it will be set as your default new tab page if you install the RecipeFox Web browser extension. Luckily, using this website will not put your data or your system at risk. The Recipefox.recipe website is safe to use but may spawn many unwanted advertisements that may promote shady products and overpriced services.

If you are a dedicated cook and want to get inspiration for your next meal, we would advise you to simply use your search engine of choice to look for relevant and helpful content. Installing third-party software to access freely available content is not advisable, as the providers of such services often have a hidden agenda. If you think you have installed a PUP on your computer, it is best to perform a scan using a proven ant-virus software suite.


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