The website is a dodgy page that markets itself as a site that hosts useful, engaging content. Sadly, this is not the reality as this is an empty page that runs a tactic called ‘Please Click Allow to Continue.’

If you stumble upon the site, you will be asked to click ‘Allow’ as soon as you launch the page. The page will claim that clicking on the ‘Allow’ button will prove your legitimacy and that every visitor needs to pass the security check before they are granted access to the site's content. However, these claims are false. Clicking on the ‘Allow’ button will subscribe you to the push-notifications of the website. This site will make sure to use this permission to flood you with advertisements of fake raffles, shady gambling platforms, pornographic sites, and other low-quality, untrustworthy content that you should avoid.

You should revoke the permissions granted to the site via the settings of your Web browser.


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