Computer users browsing the Web may be tempted to visit a website named The word 'hot' usually means a spiced gossip or similar news and everyone likes to be aware of 'hot' stuff. However,'s name doesn't reflect what it is really up to. is an adware-laced website that, instead of showing 'hot stuff' will display advertisements. Advertisements, even unwanted ones, may be useful to the computer users because adware can collect data on the computers it infects that will provide advertisers with what they need to exhibit advertisements that match the computer users searches. However, and adware-laced website such as can redirect computer users to threatening websites or promote fake software and updates or threats as safe applications. Besides, the excessive amount of advertisements displayed by will use a lot of the machine's resources, which will decrease its performance and even make it crash.

Do not visit and in case it appears on your desktop unexpectedly, do not click on the displayed advertisements. Remove right away by using an anti-malware application preferably.


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