Threat Database Browser Hijackers

By GoldSparrow in Browser Hijackers

The URL has been linked to numerous unwanted symptoms on affected computers. This is due to the fact that is usually related to Potentially Unwanted Program infections. In many cases, computer users that have downloaded and installed a determined PUP will realize that their Web browser forces them to visit repeatedly or displays content associated with in pop-up windows. URL presents a threat to your privacy and to your computer's security. Because of this, malware analysts recommend that you get hold of an efficient malware-removal program for the immediate deletion of content associated with

Common Problems that may be a Consequence of

The main purpose of the URL and PUPs associated with is to profit from advertising at the expense of computer users. The symptoms linked to which are usually related to how marketers try to profit through the use of PUPs may be:

  • PUPs associated with may take over a Web browser, causing it to visit repeatedly.
  • PUPs linked to this URL may make alterations to the Web browser's home page and default search engine to Other default websites, such as the new tab or window Web page, may also be changed to
  • is closely linked to a wide variety of irritating advertising material. is related to various types of advertisements that are added to websites viewed on the affected Web browser. This may include audio advertisements, video advertisements, sliding and banner advertisements and sponsored in-text links. The main problem with advertisements is that they may promote known scams and may result in the installation of other unwanted components on the affected computer.


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