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Raccoon Stealer

By GoldSparrow in Stealers

A new info stealer tool is out on the market. It is called the Racoon Stealer, and it would appear that it originates from Russia. Its creators are offering it as service. Users can obtain the Racoon Stealer if they subscribe for it. The authors of the Racoon Stealer offer different subscription plans. The cheapest option will allow the customer to use the Racoon Stealer for one month and would have all its tools available.

The Racoon Stealer is sporting a wide variety of capabilities, as well as a great user-friendly interface.
The info stealer's authors have built a secure network that will allow their clients to rely on a swift and encrypted communication between the Command and Control server and the victims of the Raccoon Stealer. This info stealer's servers are hosted on TOR, ensuring that the anonymity of its users is secure. The clients of the Racoon Stealer also can customize their control panel for the ultimate experience. Utilizing the control panel, the users of the Racoon Stealer can operate the info stealer and retrieve the data collected.

The Racoon Stealer is able to siphon collected login credentials from Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, etc. It also is capable of collecting all data, which is auto-filled. Furthermore, the Racoon Stealer looks for credit card data to collect specifically. The authors of the Racoon Stealer have made sure that their creation also can be used for collecting cryptocurrency. The Racoon Stealer performs a scan on the infiltrated machine in an attempt to locate information related to a potential cryptocurrency wallet, which may be present. Then, if successful, the Racoon Stealer would snatch the configuration files related.

Even not very tech savvy individuals can use malware for unsafe purposes nowadays because of the cybercriminals like the ones responsible for the Racoon Stealer. By removing that barrier, there has been quite a significant surge in malware attacks worldwide. It is crucial that you make sure to download and install a legitimate anti-malware tool because a threat like the Racoon Stealer can cause a lot of easily avoidable trouble.


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