The QuilMiner is a new cryptocurrency miner circulating the Web. Cryptocurrency miners are often listed as low-level threats, as they do not threaten your data or cause too much damage to your system’s health. Oftentimes, users may not notice that there is a cryptocurrency miner present on their computers unless they try to play a resource-heavy game or work with a resource-heavy application.

The QuilMiner is designed to mine for the Monero cryptocurrency. If the QuilMiner is present on your computer, you may notice that your system’s performance has slowed down, which can be rather irritating. Furthermore, the QuilMiner also may end up reducing the lifespan of your computer, as mining for cryptocurrency causes the system to overheat for long periods. Needless to say, this is far from healthy for the components of your computer. Systems that overheat for longer periods may end up rebooting suddenly, which can cause loss of unsaved data for the user.

Users often end up having cryptocurrency miners like the QuilMiner on their computers if they are in the habit of downloading pirated content – games, applications, etc. If the QuilMiner is present on your computer, it is best to remove it as soon as possible to reduce the damage done to your hardware. You can get rid of the QuilMiner using a reputable anti-malware application.


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