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The website Quick-search-results.com is a fake search engine. Much like Classysearchserver.com and Morsearch.com, Quick-search-results.com is a rogue website that is associated with browser hijackers. Some examples of browser hijackers associated with the Quick-search-results.com fake search engine include the Google Redirect Virus, the Internet Explorer Redirect Virus, the ZeroAccess rootkit, and various malicious toolbars for the Internet Explorer browser. The Quick-search-results.com website can also lead to other malware problems on any visitor's computer. This is why ESG PC security researchers recommend avoiding the Quick-search-results.com website. Whether you have reached Quick-search-results.com because of a browser hijacker or on your own, there is a very high chance that your computer system picked up a malware problem from the Quick-search-results.com fake search engine or through Quick-search-results.com's fake results. ESG PC security researchers advise to scan your computer system with a legitimate anti-malware tool, in order to recover from having visited the Quick-search-results.com website.

How Criminals Use Quick-search-results.com to Make Money Illicitly

Criminals set up websites like Quick-search-results.com, in order to make money in a variety of illicit ways. The most common of these strategies involve affiliate marketing. This means that certain companies will pay people for the amount of persons that visit their website or purchase their products that were referred through a specific link or address. Criminals use fake search engines and browser hijackers in order to boost their traffic artificially. Their victims are forced to visit Quick-search-results.com and other affiliated websites, because of a malware infection forcing their computers to do so. Criminals can also profit through Quick-search-results.com and similar websites by using them to perform various computer scams. Common scams associated with Quick-search-results.com include the sale of rogue security programs, advertising of illegal online pharmacies, and links to fake adult websites designed to infect computer systems with different Trojans and malware.

Do Not Become a Victim of Quick-search-results.com

You can protect yourself from becoming a victim of Quick-search-results.com. Take care never to browse the Internet without a reliable anti-malware scanner, a firewall, or other security programs. Make sure that you aren't visiting suspicious or unsafe websites, as well as avoiding suspicious downloads and email attachments. Browser hijackers associated with Quick-search-results.com are mainly distributed through these kinds of malicious websites and fake software downloads. Using fully-updated security software and using common sense when browsing the Internet are the best ways to protect yourself from these and other malware threats.

File System Details

Quick-search-results.com may create the following file(s):
# File Name Detections
1. %systemroot%\system32\drivers\etc\host\[malicious host of quick-search-results.com]

Registry Details

Quick-search-results.com may create the following registry entry or registry entries:
Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Toolbar\WebBrowser, value:{82315A18-6CFB-44A7-BDFD-90E36537C252},{3C368C4A-827F-4f25-9C52-371BDF049912},{B7620AF8-B460-455a-946F-16F8BF52A9AD},{82315A18-6CFB-44a7-BDFD-90E36537C252},{141A9A62-342F-4154-A456-D29917E80B4
SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Toolbar, value:{82315A18-6CFB-44a7-BDFD-90E36537C252}

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