The QuickLogin program from http://www.quicklogin.io is promoted to help users access their email accounts through their new tab page quickly. Email service providers have not endorsed the QuickLogin software, but you can find it on the Chrome Web Store and include it to the Mozilla Firefox browser. The QuickLogin software is made by browser creators listed as 'New Media' who are not employed by trusted email services providers like Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft. The QuickLogin browser extension works as a new tab replacement application that changes your new tab settings and integrates a sponsored search engine based on Yahoo.

Installing the QuickLogin extension in Google Chrome from https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/quicklogin/ojifkhgcgmapiocdplfoehalhhfcakhe triggers the following notification box:

'Add QuickLogin?
It can:
Read and change all your data on the websites you visit
Replace the page you see when opening a new tab
Read and change your bookmarks
Manage your apps, extensions, and themes'

Installing the QuickLogin browser add-on into Mozilla Firefox from http://www.quicklogin.io triggers the following notification box:

'Add QucikLogin?
It requires your permission to:
Access your data for all websites
Read and modify bookmarks
Monitor extension usage and manage themes
Display notifications to you
Access browser tabs
Store unlimited amount of client-side data'

The QuickLogin software is configured to load an offline page that is located in the resources package downloaded on your PC. The QuickLogin New Tab is loaded in Google Chrome with the address 'chrome-extension://ojifkhgcgmapiocdplfoehalhhfcakhe/index.html.' The alternative for Mozilla Firefox is loaded as the address 'moz-extension://2b253103-74ef-4ec6-9144-a64ec46adac4/index.html#ref_ext.' The QuickLogin New Tab page includes links to Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Outlook, but you should not expect an improved loading of your preferred email inbox. The QuickLogin New Tab only provides links to the aforementioned services on your new tab. There is no added functionality to expect from the QuickLogin browser extension.

The QuickLogin software is published by marketing companies interested in tracking your online activity and recording your Web searches. That is why the QuickLogin app requires extensive access to your bookmarks, installed applications, notification settings and search history. The QuickLogin application might invade your privacy, and the EULA for the software is not compatible with the GDPR requirements of the European Union, which many users may like to consider before installing extensions on their primary Web browser. The QuickLogin program from http://www.quicklogin.io is deemed as riskware and a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) that is better to be removed.


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