Threat Database Adware '' Pop-Ups

'' Pop-Ups

By GoldSparrow in Adware

The domain may offer you to install Java and Flash updates, but it is only one of many .be domains registered by adware developers recently. along with and corresponds to the IP address and all of them are associated with adware applications that show pop-up windows in the browsers of infected users. Adware applications that are connected to, and may expose users to attacks via exploit kits on harmful domains. Additionally, the fake updates promoted on the domains mentioned above may contain rogue software such as Windows Pro Solutions, Windows Home Patron and Your PC Protector. These applications are designed not to protect but to scare users with constant security notifications to create a sense of panic and insecurity that would encourage that would incite users to pay for premium accounts. Computer users should abstain from installing updates from, and to avoid installing harmful software. An adware-powered browser plug-in that can alter the way Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer behave may cause problems that are linked to Also, the adware may slow down your browser and show pop-ups loaded with links to phishing pages where users may be welcomed to input their online banking credentials. Adware is not a severe threat to users but can be perceived as a vulnerability in your OS and may allow remote code execution on your PC. Therefore, you might want to consider employing the services of a trustworthy anti-malware application that can purge the adware linked to and its affiliates.


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