Threat Database Adware QuickFilmz


By GoldSparrow in Adware

QuickFilmz is adware/a PUP (potentially unwanted program) that, once installed on the computer system, may show annoying pop-up messages and advertisements. QuickFilmz may also repeatedly reroute PC users to and other similar unreliable websites. The pop-up messages of QuickFilmz may appear on the PC after installing QuickFilmz adware or any other adware packaged in the installer of QuickFilmz. The pop-up of QuickFilmz may also appear on the PC as a media player update pop-up message when any of related adware are installed on the computer system. Numerous websites that QuickFilmz may reroute computer users to may probably be scam websites. They may offer a five-day free trial; however, PCusers may be asked to provide their credit card details to try them out. After five days, these websites may charge computer users a premium subscription fee every month until they cancel it. They may offer no refund for that Cancellation of a free trial may cost $0.99.


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