By GoldSparrow in Browser Hijackers

Qclub.quiznos.com is an unreliable website that, at first sight, may occur as a legitimate and secure search system, but, in actuality, it may be linked to browser hijackers and adware. These Qclub.quiznos.com-related security infections may result in annoying redirects on the Web browser to suspicious websites including Qclub.quiznos.com. If any browser hijackers or adware pertaining to Qclub.quiznos.com are installed on the computer system, PC users may get unwillingly rerouted to Qclub.quiznos.com and other similar affiliated websites that may be designed to display various random pop-up advertisements and messages. These pop-up ads may probably be related to online surfing routine of the computer user, who is visiting the tricky website. Such websites as Qclub.quiznos.com were made to possibly attract computer users visiting them and clicking on non-stop ads in an effort to generate advertising revenue from raised website traffic and ad clicks.


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