Qbit PC Speedup

The Qbit PC Speedup software from http://www.osysspeedtools.world (also seen on www.osysboostutils.live) may be promoted to PC users as a tool designed to increase their systems’ performance. The Qbit PC Speedup program can be downloaded for free, and you can run free scans of your machine. Also, the instrument registers a scheduled service and performs scans every time you boot into Windows. However, the problems Qbit PC Speedup finds on your system can’t be addressed with the trial version of the software. PC users who may have installed Qbit PC Speedup and receive daily scan results might be redirected to the payment page at http://store.osysspeedtools.world/qbps/price.

You should note that paying for Qbit PC Speedup involves a monthly subscription plan and it is not a one-time deal. Also, you should be vigilant when paying for Qbit PC Speedup as the company behind it works closely with AV manufacturers and may charge you extra fees for additional offers marked as your purchases. The practice is not user-friendly, and many AV developers have spoken out on the matter condemning bundle purchases like those offered with the Qbit PC Speedup subscription plan. The Qbit PC Speedup software is created by PCVARK Software Private Limited that is known to release multiple clones of a single system optimization tool in an effort to score additional revenue with little effort.

The Qbit PC Speedup tool is observed to list old Registry keys as indicators of severe problems with the user’s system; mark safe applications from the startup group as detrimental to the Windows boot sequence; and suggest users remove less-known browser extensions. Qbit PC Speedup from http://www.osysspeedtools.world is deemed as a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) that is related to questionable scan results and unfair marketing practices. You may wish to remove the Qbit PC Speedup application using a trusted anti-malware solution. Some AV vendors may flag the installer for Qbit PC Speedup with the following alert names:

Adware ( 005418911 )
Application.OptInstall (A)

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