Qbit Optimizer Pro

The Qbit Optimizer Pro software by PCVARK Software Private Limited may be promoted to PC users via pop-up advertisements and free software bundles. The Qbit Optimizer Pro software is presented as a system optimization utility that guarantees to improve your system performance. The Qbit Optimizer Pro is programmed to remove browser cache, temporary Internet files, failed downloads of Windows Update, old Registry keys, and files in your recycle bin. You may even see alerts that riskware on your device leaves you open to exploits of software vulnerabilities. Qbit Optimizer Pro may suggest you remove blacklisted applications, but there are no guidelines posted on its official site — http://www.tunepctop.xyz. What you are not being told at www.tunepctop.xyz is that the Qbit Optimizer Pro is not likely to deliver noticeable system improvements to your daily activities.

The Qbit Optimizer Pro may help you remove unwanted files and some questionable Web browser extensions. However, it is not a valid cybersecurity product, and the simple removal of temporary files and Registry keys is not going to speed up your PC miraculously. Many users may like to reconsider entering the subscription model for Qbit Optimizer Pro listed at http://store.tunepctop.xyz/qbop/price that requires them to pay a fee of $19,95 per month for the premium version. You can make small tweaks to the list of startup application by accessing the Task Manager on Windows 10 and the MSCONFIG tool on Windows 7 if you are looking for a speedy OS start. Also, you can use a browser extension to clean old browser cache on a set interval. Another smart way to improve your system performance is to make sure your hard drives are not fragmented heavily, more on that here — https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/search?query=defragmentation.

Qbit Optimizer Pro from http://www.tunepctop.xyz is perceived as a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) that may mislead users concerning its usefulness and delete Registry, which may lead to program instability. Qbit Optimizer Pro has several clones that include QBIT System Care from http://tunetoppc.live and http://tunetoppctool.club. PC users may need assistance from a reliable security utility to remove resources associated with the Qbit Optimizer Pro and QBIT System Care. Alert names for the programs mentioned before are listed below:

Adware ( 00541f721 )
Application.OptInstall (A)

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