The Pushlat.com site is a fake website that does not host any content. However, this shady website will claim to contain all sorts of engaging media and articles to attract the attention of users.

As soon as the users open the Pushlat.com site, they will see an ‘Allow’ button on their screens. The Pushlat.com website will claim that unless the visitors click on the button in question, they will be incapable of viewing the content on the page. As we mentioned, there is no content to be viewed on the Pushlat.com website, so there is no need to comply with the demands of its operators. However, users who click on the ‘Allow’ button will be bombarded with unwanted advertisements in the shape of push-notifications via their Web browser. The advertisements affiliated with the Pushlat.com websites are likely to be untrustworthy as dodgy pages are known to promote products of dubious origin and quality. Malware researchers advise users against clicking on any of the advertisements that are linked to the shady activity of the Pushlat.com site.

If the Pushlat.com website is spamming you with advertisements, you should revoke all the permissions you had given this dodgy page via your Web browser settings. If you want to avoid coming across another ‘Click Allow to Continue’ tactic in the future, it is best to stick to browsing legitimate websites.


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