PUP.IObyte System Care

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Technical Information

File System Details

PUP.IObyte System Care creates the following file(s):
# File Name Size MD5 Detection Count
1 C:\Users\user\Downloads\ioscsetup.exe 7,187,544 d45f02a467611c039acc3d246277effa 7
2 ioscsetup ( 7,187,040 4b5484d14000426be849d822901a00d7 6
3 ioscsetup ( 7,187,120 af3e7ef3e2f680cfa7899f6d1b98e589 2
4 C:\Program Files\IObyte System-Care_username\pglc.exe 2,352,192 b18a6c4fe9a6d578a0d66ab77965c6fa 0
5 ioscsetup ( 7,187,280 bda522e5708efdcd4440d3ff213e07f0 0
6 ioscsetup ( 7,187,784 5321694a4074dcf5be40c1484d749203 0
7 ioscsetup ( 2.exe 7,188,160 9b2630758990cf661fb745b2182b4664 0
8 ioscsetup ( 3.exe 7,188,584 24c77ba8c56eb64dd066a1931e012586 0
9 ioscsetup ( 4.exe 7,188,016 d028116823e94e260fe3456488eb2ae2 0
10 ioscsetup ( 5.exe 7,188,264 49061368e3c5128fb504b510308bd01e 0
11 ioscsetup ( 6.exe 7,187,112 47042cdb43fa83e8dfddd05b388a84e5 0
12 ioscsetup ( 7.exe 7,189,344 cf7fbc799c536f22fe08ff55a2770837 0
13 ioscsetup ( 8.exe 7,188,368 b39e16d069f6c9bd6854c540fc63bf52 0
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