PUP.Installrex is a potentially unwanted application, which may be linked to adware programs, insert unwanted toolbars and accomplish other unwanted actions on the targeted PC. TPUP.Installrex is not a malware threat, but it may contain a variety of functionalities specific to other security threats, such as rootkit or browser hijackers that may corrupt the affected web browser and lead to irritating disturbing browser hits to commercial websites. PUP.Installrex may use a variety of deceptive tactics with the purpose to raise website traffic and earn money from the pay-per-click technique. PUP.Installrex may invade the attacked computer packaged with freeware and shareware applications (download-managers, video recording/streaming or PDF creators). PUP.Installrex may show disturbing pop-up ads on the desktop of the affected computer. PUP.Installrex may also illustrate various deals and offers to affected PC users.


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