PUP.FriedCookie is classified as a Possibly Unwanted program due to some problems its presence may cause to the affected computer. PUP.FriedCookie was developed by Thawte, Inc. a company based in Tel Aviv, Israel. PUP.FriedCookie is linked to an adware that displays numerous and intrusive advertisements. These advertisements may be helpful when the computer user is online shopping, but since PUP.FriedCookie is a Possibly Unwanted Program, PUP.FriedCookie may not be worth all the problems PUP.FriedCookie may cause to the affected machine. PUP.FriedCookie may be installed automatically as part of the installation of a free program. Once installed on the targeted computer, PUP.FriedCookie starts displaying pop-up, banners, pop-unders, coupons, in-text and other kinds of advertisements. These advertisements may be highly distrustful and displayed on the Web pages visited by the PC user. PUP.FriedCookie also may utilize a huge amount of system resources and register the computer user's browsing predilection. To have a safe browsing experience, computer users should uninstall PUPs, adware and related programs from their machines with a malware removal application.


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