PUP.Crossfire.SA is a potentially unwanted program/adware program that benefits from other software products to distribute a copy of itself to infected computer systems. PUP.Crossfire.SA comes packaged with these software products so that when a computer user installs it, PUP.Crossfire.SA is also loaded on the machine. PUP.Crossfire.SA does not show any symptoms PC users could spot while it is installing itself on the targeted computer system. PUP.Crossfire.SA includes minimal command to initiate itself on the affected PC. When installed, PUP.Crossfire.SA starts as a plug-in to most hijacked Internet browsers. PUP.Crossfire.SA can monitor the affected computer user's web browsing actions and reroute web search results to doubtful websites. PUP.Crossfire.SA may deliver numerous pop-up advertisements to the desktop of the compromised PC while the victim is online. Creators of PUP.Crossfire.SA strive to make money from PC users by using click fraud when they view or click on the tricky advertisements.

SpyHunter Detects & Remove PUP.Crossfire.SA

File System Details

PUP.Crossfire.SA may create the following file(s):
# File Name MD5 Detections
1. 5b846056d650de82d4451969fc7f4da3 5b846056d650de82d4451969fc7f4da3 0
2. savingsapp.exe 1fe9487064c32d846fc4c68917daefcb 0


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