By JubileeX in Browser Hijackers is a domain that has been associated with browser hijackers. may expose your computer to unreliable content. Because of this, ESG security researchers strongly advise computer users to avoid the website. Unwanted components associated with may cause your Web browser to visit repeatedly or cause your Web browser to display pop-up windows. It is important to note that may cause your Web browser to act erratically and may affect your ability to browse the Web normally. and its associated PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) are designed to generate advertising revenue by forcing computer users to visit and associated online content repeatedly. If your Web browser is displaying symptoms of a PUP linked to, ESG security researchers strongly recommend the use of a strong, fully updated anti-malware program to ensure that your computer has not become exposed to even more unsafe components.

These websites are specifically designed to display advertisements and entice computer users to click on advertisements. One of the main dangers of is that this website may display poorly regulated advertisements and promotions that may expose your computer to various kinds of threats or expose you to possible online content that may not be safe to your computer. Most of the time, browser hijackers associated with may be acquired after downloading a freeware or shareware program that has been bundled with this type of unwanted content.

Issues Associated With and Its Related PUPs

The following symptoms are commonly caused by PUPs associated with

  • Computer users have reported that their Web browser forces them to visit repeatedly.
  • Apart from browser redirects, affected Web browsers may also display in pop-up windows.
  • Web browsers affected by PUPs associated with may perform poorly, loading pages slowly with a decreased connection speed and freezing or crashing frequently.


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