Threat Database Adware 'PUBG Hack' Scam

'PUBG Hack' Scam

The 'PUBG Hack' scam is a misleading website based on the PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) game. Players of PUBG usually earn game coins by completing missions and exchanging the earned money for various items, like avatars, skins, outfits, or other products from the PUBG shop. However, the 'PUBG Hack' scam's website offers PUBG currency for free if its visitors agree to perform specific actions. For example, the misleading website asks the user to sign up on questionable pages and provide information, respectively, like login credentials for e-mail addresses, telephone numbers and even credit card details. Also, the 'PUBG Hack' scam offers its visitors to download applications that it presents as useful and reliable. However, they are nothing but regular browser hijackers, adware tools or other similar Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs).

Malware researchers strongly advise you never to download applications or files offered by this page, type any information on the page itself or visit any other websites promoted by the 'PUBG Hack' scam. PUAs can cause severe cybersecurity issues like monetary losses and even identity theft. As such applications may affect a system on many levels, experts recommend using a professional anti-virus program to remove them.


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