ProStreamsSearch Description

ProStreamsSearch is a browser hijacker designed to promote the URL, which is a fake search tool. It also is considered a Potentially Unwanted Application (PUA) due to its stealthy means of propagation. Once installed on a device, ProStreamsSearch undertakes modifications in the browser's settings: as usual for these threats, it changes the homepage, new tab URL, and default search engine, replacing them with

After a system is infected, each time the users open their browser, ProStreamsSearch URL launches and redirects the user to the fake search tool. That is done for generating artificial traffic and advertising revenues for browser hijacker's creators. Yet, for users, it brings only risks. As fake search tools like this one cannot conduct an independent search, they derive the displayed results from a legit search engine, like Yahoo, Google or Bing. However, the presented page is usually of no use as it is injected with irrelevant links to potentially corrupted websites. In some cases, browser hijackers also can deliver harmful advertisements and banners.

ProStreamsSearch' creators usually bundle their search tool within freeware as an additional download, so this PUA penetrates computers automatically. Browser hijackers also have features that can cause severe privacy issues, like extracting sensitive user information and browsing data. Obviously, ProStreamsSearch should be removed as soon as possible from affected devices.

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