Pro Search Tip

The Pro Search Tip is a browser extension that is meant to enhance the user’s ability to find relevant Web search results. According to the official website of the add-on, it is available for both Safari and Google Chrome, and they are found on the official Web stores of both platforms. However, the installation of the Pro Search Tip might bring undesired changes to the configuration of the Web browsers is it compatible with. These changes are not harmful, but they can be somewhat annoying since they concern the browser’s default search aggregator – it may be changed to This search engine has a very simple layout, and it redirects the user to a search results page provided by Google currently.

Since the Pro Search Tip search is powered by Google, the results will be reliable. However, do not forget that is not affiliated with Google and the way it works may change at any time. It is unlikely that future changes will pose a threat, but they may prevent you from searching the Web reliably.

Pro Search Tip is categorized as a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) by computer security products, and you can use one to ensure this add-on’s full removal. By removing the Pro Search Tip extension, you should reverse the changes it brought to your browser’s settings automatically.


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